Fun, Free Box and tag printables in PDF! YAY!

Here’s some free printable holiday boxes for you. I love how these turned out! Once they’re made, they are about the size of a box for a deck of cards. They’re so cute. I think I’ll be posting a couple more of these soon! I could barely decide on a design!

Get ‘Em HERE!

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Sooooo Lucky!

Late this last summer, my son calls me from his cell phone and tells me he found a kitten.

Nope. Don’t want another cat!

I drove to my moms house where he met me with this kitten. “SHE” was so cute. Clearly sick. Very hungry. I took it home.

I fed this little baby. Took a picture of “her” and posted it on Facebook pleading for a home. No one responded.

After about 3 hours, I knew I was keeping “her”.  This cat was like no other. Super sweet, and really wanted to communicate with me.

So weird.

It took about a month to realize “she” was a “he”. We had to change his name from Bella to Lucky.

It’s been an adventure.

Seems like he’s always into something he shouldn’t, or sleeping in a weird place.

Like the Christmas Tree. This was a daily occurrence until he got tangled in the lights and I had to cut him out.

Or the dishwasher. Or….

even the sink. A lot of the time he jumps out at me when I walk around the corner and he’ll grab on to my clothes with his claws and just hangs. He’s insane.

He’s gets pretty crazy when he plays.

He’s a sneaky little devil.

But I love him anyway… he’s, well…Lucky!

Hope you had a good weekend!

You’re such a doll ;)

Lauren and I were scouring Pinterest.

She saw a baby doll bed and talked me into making one.

I didn’t sew one thing!

I used a glue gun for all of it!

I used a glue gun, card board, and short rectangle plastic bins….and fabric of course.

I think it took 3 hours to make them both.

I plan to add more embellishments later. I’m tired now. ;)

I’ll post pics when they’re done…

goodnight world. Have a Great weekend! Everyone!

A moment for “me”…

I’ve got a new hobby…or is it a slight obsession?

I don’t know, but I love it.

Clearly, I love art. And clearly I have a million things to do in a day.

I can just hear my sister now “where do you find the time to do that kind of stuff?”

It really didn’t take long…like 30 minutes. :)

I am not a huge fan of purple nails, but we’re going to an indoor water park this weekend and this color matches my swim suit…and my daughters. We all 3 have matching swim suits. he he

I’m no stranger to polish, though. Right out of high school I got my license to do nails.

I hated it. It was work. I just wanted to make nails pretty. I did stick with it a few years, though.

A little bling:



  I have a fever.  It’s day two of this nasty thing.  I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with it.  I guess because I really don’t have any other symptoms.  I have a fever and I’m tired….tired from the fever.  I guess you’d call that weakness?  I’ve even posted about it on facebook several times.    I just think it’s weird because it’s been my experience that a fever is usually accompanied by other symptoms, and you can kind of say “oh, I have strep”  or  “I probably have the flu…or cold”  or whatever.  But, there is NOTHING else to speak of.   This did happen to me once before and I had pnuemonia.  It started with pain in my thighs, it felt like ripped muscles, and then I got a fever.  This went on for almost a week.  I think husband was getting irritated with me because I slept on the couch the whole time, with nothing but a fever….I suspect he might have been thinking I was faking it or something because I didn’t have any symptoms.  I just laid there and got worse by the day, until one day I couldn’t get up.  I was too weak to move.  I called my mom and she came over and carried me to the car, and drove me to the ER.  I slept in a wheel chair in the waiting room for about an hour before they took me back.   They took my vitals and did a CBC.   My blood pressure was very low, my heart rate was really fast and I was anemic.  I don’t know who thought to check, but some one immediately suspected pnuemonia, and sent me for chest xrays…sure enough they were right.  I called my husband, and he was quite shocked, as was I.  I didn’t realize you could have pnuemonia and only have a fever.  They said the pain in my legs was a symptom.  Who would have known?  

So, maybe this is why I’m obsessed with a fever?  LOL    So anyway, that’s what I’m sharing with you today….for now.    I really need to get on the ball of blogging.  I’m glad I finally got some friends, though.  That’s pretty cool! 

Thank You New Friends! 

Spring is here…my backyard needs a makeover!

My back porch and yard are quite hideous right now. 

I’ve had ideas brewing on how to fix this since December…yes when I can’t do anything about it because it’s too cold.  ha!

The one idea I’ve been so anxious about is my making my recyling bins look a little nicer.  I wish I’d taken a before pic, but if I had I probably wouldn’t post it because they were so awful. seriously.

I like them now. :)


I had my son help spray paint them (not the color I expected, but it was ok)  and then I cut out a stencil with my Cricut and used that to create the “recycle” on the bins.  The font is Desigers.  One of my faves!  (Photoshop Action is DPM on the Drama)

 I’m a little sad that I don’t have any “friends” yet.  :/

We took a quick trip to see the Easter Bunny today at Walgreens.  He was to be there at noon.

He wasn’t there.  The guy at the counter said the suit was ruined at another Walgreens the day before so they had to postpone.  Mygirls were devistated.  :(   So we drove them to the mall to see the Easter Bunny….they questioned us about why we thought he was at the mall when he couldn’t make it to Walgreens.  UGH! 

After the  Easter Bunny trip, the girls played in the backyard for a while and I had to take a picture of Lauren feet in her new flippies. They were too cute, and reminded me of summer.  Summer that I sooo long for.  Oh, I cannot wait for the warm summer days.

Can‘t Wait!

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