Lunch Time Love! Free Printable…

Here are some quickie Lunch Box Love Notes for ya, just print and cut!    Too cute…my little ones love getting these! ( and sometimes I sneak them to my husband as well! :)

Click Below to download the PDF

Lunch Box Love Notes PDF

Advertising on Peach Nine!

Hey Girlies!  I wanted to take a moment and extend a sweet little offer.  I am going to take a small number of  banners to host on my site for free.  Sooooo…if you’re interested in advertising your blog or shop here on,  send me the following:

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Name of your Cool Biz:
  3. The URL to your Cool Biz:
  4. What state you reside in:
  5. What kind of biz do you have…or maybe send your tagline
  6. And attach a banner in the size of 125×125 ( or preferably 200×70): you can send the image, or the image url
  • images should be in .gif or preferably in .png or .jpg
  • Listings should be about working at home, mommyprenuers, handmade items…and things of that nature.

You can send the above info to-  Email:   or use the Contact form ::here:: 

Read about this offer in more detail ::here::

ANOTHER FREEBIE! Printable Shopping List Organizer!

Here’s a Shopping List Organizer for you, just print, plan and shop!  This kind of cuts the possibility of missing items while you’re at the store.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes items literally get lost on my list and I miss them.  Putting your items in categories makes it easier to find! Enjoy!

FREEBIE! Here’s a Printable Daily To Do List for ya!

Just click on the link, print and plan!  This to do list seperates different area’s of your life, so you don’t have that super long all in one list that seems to never end!  Enjoy!

AND…here’s a Halloween version of this list:


Download this one here:

My bling-bling Halloween

I promised you pics…didn’t think I’d get them done that fast!    I was finishing up this last one and I had a little visitor.  He seemed to be very attracted to my pumpkin. ….

Little Monster!  He things he’s thug trying to take my pumpkin!

Here are some of the pumpkins my daughters and I decorated…these were super fun!

And this is GLAM CLAM!

Blingin’ Pumpkins!

  So, I get the Better Houskeeping Magazine, and my 5 yr old daughter likes to flip through them on occasion and she saw that they had a section on decorating for Halloween.  There were all sorts of Pumkins that we embellished with blingin’ rhinestones…they really were awesome.  So, we ran out to the local pumpkin farm and bought 8 pumkins.  We have started on our blingin’ pumkins, but they aren’t finished, so I don’t have pics just yet, but I will post them as soon as I do.  But the reason for this post is that I’ve found so many cool ways to decorate pumpkins  and had to share.   I’m all about doing things differently than most, so this suites me well!  :)

I absolutely LOVE this one!  You can find this one and instructions here:

I am quite fond of this one, too.  Check it out here

This one is pretty cool, too!  I have some Christmas tree ornament hangers that would suit this project perfectly.  You can find it here:

And here’s another cool idea.  Get the instructions here:

Peach Nine….the blog.

After many weeks of planning, Peach Nine the blog is online!  Very excited to be here with our blogginess….There’s so much in store for Peach Nine Blog readers. I have pages and pages planned, so please stick around and watch for the creative coolness to appear!  Thanks!