Sooooo Lucky!

Late this last summer, my son calls me from his cell phone and tells me he found a kitten.

Nope. Don’t want another cat!

I drove to my moms house where he met me with this kitten. “SHE” was so cute. Clearly sick. Very hungry. I took it home.

I fed this little baby. Took a picture of “her” and posted it on Facebook pleading for a home. No one responded.

After about 3 hours, I knew I was keeping “her”.  This cat was like no other. Super sweet, and really wanted to communicate with me.

So weird.

It took about a month to realize “she” was a “he”. We had to change his name from Bella to Lucky.

It’s been an adventure.

Seems like he’s always into something he shouldn’t, or sleeping in a weird place.

Like the Christmas Tree. This was a daily occurrence until he got tangled in the lights and I had to cut him out.

Or the dishwasher. Or….

even the sink. A lot of the time he jumps out at me when I walk around the corner and he’ll grab on to my clothes with his claws and just hangs. He’s insane.

He’s gets pretty crazy when he plays.

He’s a sneaky little devil.

But I love him anyway… he’s, well…Lucky!

Hope you had a good weekend!

You’re such a doll ;)

Lauren and I were scouring Pinterest.

She saw a baby doll bed and talked me into making one.

I didn’t sew one thing!

I used a glue gun for all of it!

I used a glue gun, card board, and short rectangle plastic bins….and fabric of course.

I think it took 3 hours to make them both.

I plan to add more embellishments later. I’m tired now. ;)

I’ll post pics when they’re done…

goodnight world. Have a Great weekend! Everyone!

A moment for “me”…

I’ve got a new hobby…or is it a slight obsession?

I don’t know, but I love it.

Clearly, I love art. And clearly I have a million things to do in a day.

I can just hear my sister now “where do you find the time to do that kind of stuff?”

It really didn’t take long…like 30 minutes. :)

I am not a huge fan of purple nails, but we’re going to an indoor water park this weekend and this color matches my swim suit…and my daughters. We all 3 have matching swim suits. he he

I’m no stranger to polish, though. Right out of high school I got my license to do nails.

I hated it. It was work. I just wanted to make nails pretty. I did stick with it a few years, though.

A little bling:



  I have a fever.  It’s day two of this nasty thing.  I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with it.  I guess because I really don’t have any other symptoms.  I have a fever and I’m tired….tired from the fever.  I guess you’d call that weakness?  I’ve even posted about it on facebook several times.    I just think it’s weird because it’s been my experience that a fever is usually accompanied by other symptoms, and you can kind of say “oh, I have strep”  or  “I probably have the flu…or cold”  or whatever.  But, there is NOTHING else to speak of.   This did happen to me once before and I had pnuemonia.  It started with pain in my thighs, it felt like ripped muscles, and then I got a fever.  This went on for almost a week.  I think husband was getting irritated with me because I slept on the couch the whole time, with nothing but a fever….I suspect he might have been thinking I was faking it or something because I didn’t have any symptoms.  I just laid there and got worse by the day, until one day I couldn’t get up.  I was too weak to move.  I called my mom and she came over and carried me to the car, and drove me to the ER.  I slept in a wheel chair in the waiting room for about an hour before they took me back.   They took my vitals and did a CBC.   My blood pressure was very low, my heart rate was really fast and I was anemic.  I don’t know who thought to check, but some one immediately suspected pnuemonia, and sent me for chest xrays…sure enough they were right.  I called my husband, and he was quite shocked, as was I.  I didn’t realize you could have pnuemonia and only have a fever.  They said the pain in my legs was a symptom.  Who would have known?  

So, maybe this is why I’m obsessed with a fever?  LOL    So anyway, that’s what I’m sharing with you today….for now.    I really need to get on the ball of blogging.  I’m glad I finally got some friends, though.  That’s pretty cool! 

Thank You New Friends! 

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Long time….no write!

  My apologies!  I know I’ve been MIA.  My blog was bombarded by spamming comments and I got a little freaked out….I’m taking my site back.   I’ve got a plan of action! 

  On another note…it’s that time of year and I’ve been crafting up a freakin’ storm, to say the least!  I’ll post pictures soon!  :)  PROMISE!  I hope everyone else is have a great holiday week….remember to make these days special, they’re the ones the kids will remember most clearly! :)