Sooooo Lucky!

Late this last summer, my son calls me from his cell phone and tells me he found a kitten.

Nope. Don’t want another cat!

I drove to my moms house where he met me with this kitten. “SHE” was so cute. Clearly sick. Very hungry. I took it home.

I fed this little baby. Took a picture of “her” and posted it on Facebook pleading for a home. No one responded.

After about 3 hours, I knew I was keeping “her”. ┬áThis cat was like no other. Super sweet, and really wanted to communicate with me.

So weird.

It took about a month to realize “she” was a “he”. We had to change his name from Bella to Lucky.

It’s been an adventure.

Seems like he’s always into something he shouldn’t, or sleeping in a weird place.

Like the Christmas Tree. This was a daily occurrence until he got tangled in the lights and I had to cut him out.

Or the dishwasher. Or….

even the sink. A lot of the time he jumps out at me when I walk around the corner and he’ll grab on to my clothes with his claws and just hangs. He’s insane.

He’s gets pretty crazy when he plays.

He’s a sneaky little devil.

But I love him anyway… he’s, well…Lucky!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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